Bonés Skiroll

The company was founded in 2013 as the first Spanish brand that popularized roller skiing. We offer skis with quality material and competitive prices. Bonés Skiroll got its name from the mountain Sierra de Bonés, in Huesca (Spain), where the roads serves to test the products before they are released. The company is a supplier of skis to several national cross-country and biathlon teams. It's time for Rock and Rollerski!

Direct contact

We develop and assemble your roller ski and therefore we know even the smallest detail about them. Therefore we can help you no matter what your question might be. Bonés Skiroll can offer you the best possible roller skis with the most competitive price.

Circular Economy

Bonés Skiroll is an environmental friendly brand and therefore we have developed a recycling program for your old roller skis. If your skis get torn or before making a purchase of a new pair skis our team will offer you an alternative to repair and replace the parts that might have broken. This way we can make your roller skis last longer and together we have saved our limited resources.

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